Learn how to choose an electric motor depending on the size of the vessel

The electric motor rod will vary depending on the size of the electric motor. The short (30 “) shorts are the most used in the fixed aft engine and the larger ones (36” and 42 “) are used in fixed engines at the bows of the vessels. If the shank is bad sized, it will bring great discomfort throughout the fishing .

The boat that is between four and five meters long need to sweat an electric motor that has from pounds, but it is fact that if the length of the boat increases and the load also increase will need to strengthen the power of the electric motor for an electric motor Of between 34 or 36 pounds. Already the electric motor over 40 pounds are used for heavy Bass Boats.

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If the electric motor is used in salt water, it should be marinized. The composition of the electric motor has a head where the speed selector switch and the position control knob, the adjusting collar, the scale that is responsible for horizontal and vertical clamping and movement.

The rod of the electric motor of the support and carries for the inside the torpedo and the wiring and a magnetic coil.

Vehicle with electric motor

Vehicle with electric motor is the best solution for mobility and environmental protection

The vehicle has the electric motor is in fact the best mobility solution to answer the questions that deal with global warming, air quality and also the increasing dependence on fossil fuels.

It is a fact that everyone wants to somehow make the world be better and the most viable option at this time is to make use of the cars that have electric motor.

The car with electric motor over the years has been an increasingly viable solution because the technological evolution has allowed to increase the durability of the batteries and the price of the kilometer is also lower.


The electric motor of an electric car uses around 0.1 to 0.23 kw / h per kilometer. This number is still considered high, because the batteries are not yet developed with high efficiency and uses this expense process inefficiency of battery power.

Know the characteristics of synchronous electric motor

The synchronous electric motor always has a constant speed and it is always proportional to the frequency that is transmitted over the network. The electric motor rotor poles always follow the rotating field which is imposed on the stator also the power supply is three-phase. Thus, the electric motor velocity is equal to its rotating field.

The synchronous electric motor VM3531 comprises a three phase stator winding means there is a designation of the revolving field and also u rotor coil poles are flat and protruding which is excited by a voltage C.

This tension causes a steady field is produced in the electric motor rotor ARF interact in the magnetic field and thus produce a stator winding with a tap on the electric motor shaft with a rotation that is equal to the own rotating field.

How does work electric motor

The operation of the electric motor is not a difficult process to understand and here you will give some information about this process. Understand more information and how this engine can perform its main function and meet so many different segments.

So that the electric motor can transform electrical energy into mechanical energy it needs to use the principle of electromagnetism. This principle is this engine operating base and why he can not miss the internal structure of the same. The engine initially had a different operation that presented today, this is due to the evolution of it.

The component parts of the electric motor EM7059T are responsible for making the transformation of energy. There are several types of electric motors present on the market and each performs the same function, only for different processes, some simple and others more complex, it depends largely on the same structure.

Electric motor works as

The operation of the electric motor still leaves doubts in some people, but do not worry because this procedure is quite simple to understand. This machine has evolved over the years, but she continue performing its function of economic and effectively.

The electric motor is responsible for the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. For this to occur, the machine brings inside specific parts to accomplish this transformation. Each piece will exercise their fundamental role in the success and machine commitment, so we are dealing with a complex system.

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Even after having undergone significant developments and conquered most areas of implementation, that engine remains one of the most appropriate when it comes to electric energy conversion into mechanical energy more economically, it’s no wonder that it is present in several of the products we use on a daily basis.

Understand which parts of the electric motor may appear problems

The electric motor can suffer from several problems. And these problems when the electric motor can not start are: Excessive axial or radial belt; Axis crooked; Wrong connection; Numbering of cables exchanged; Excessive load; Platinum opened; Capacitor damaged and auxiliary coil interrupted.

When the electric motor olp reelcraft 5650 suffers from the low starting torque, the problems in the electric motor can be caused by: wrong internal link; failed or decentralized rotor; voltage below the nominal; frequency below or above the nominal; below the specified capacitance and capacitors connected in series instead of parallel.

When the electric motor of the problem is low maximum torque, the problems can be in: failed or decentralized rotor; tilt rotor bars above the specified; voltage below the nominal; Capacitor permanently below the specified.

When the electric motor is having problems in high current empty, it means that the problems are in: air gap above the specified; voltage above the specified; often below the specified; Wrong internal connection; decentralized rotor or dragging; defective bearings; covers with a lot of pressure or poorly fitted; magnetic plates without treatment; permanent capacitor outside the specified; Platinum / Centrifugal not open.