Electric motor works as

The operation of the electric motor still leaves doubts in some people, but do not worry because this procedure is quite simple to understand. This machine has evolved over the years, but she continue performing its function of economic and effectively.

The electric motor is responsible for the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. For this to occur, the machine brings inside specific parts to accomplish this transformation. Each piece will exercise their fundamental role in the success and machine commitment, so we are dealing with a complex system.

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Even after having undergone significant developments and conquered most areas of implementation, that engine remains one of the most appropriate when it comes to electric energy conversion into mechanical energy more economically, it’s no wonder that it is present in several of the products we use on a daily basis.

Understand which parts of the electric motor may appear problems

The electric motor can suffer from several problems. And these problems when the electric motor can not start are: Excessive axial or radial belt; Axis crooked; Wrong connection; Numbering of cables exchanged; Excessive load; Platinum opened; Capacitor damaged and auxiliary coil interrupted.

When the electric motor olp reelcraft 5650 suffers from the low starting torque, the problems in the electric motor can be caused by: wrong internal link; failed or decentralized rotor; voltage below the nominal; frequency below or above the nominal; below the specified capacitance and capacitors connected in series instead of parallel.

When the electric motor of the problem is low maximum torque, the problems can be in: failed or decentralized rotor; tilt rotor bars above the specified; voltage below the nominal; Capacitor permanently below the specified.

When the electric motor is having problems in high current empty, it means that the problems are in: air gap above the specified; voltage above the specified; often below the specified; Wrong internal connection; decentralized rotor or dragging; defective bearings; covers with a lot of pressure or poorly fitted; magnetic plates without treatment; permanent capacitor outside the specified; Platinum / Centrifugal not open.