Understand which parts of the electric motor may appear problems

The electric motor can suffer from several problems. And these problems when the electric motor can not start are: Excessive axial or radial belt; Axis crooked; Wrong connection; Numbering of cables exchanged; Excessive load; Platinum opened; Capacitor damaged and auxiliary coil interrupted.

When the electric motor olp reelcraft 5650 suffers from the low starting torque, the problems in the electric motor can be caused by: wrong internal link; failed or decentralized rotor; voltage below the nominal; frequency below or above the nominal; below the specified capacitance and capacitors connected in series instead of parallel.

When the electric motor of the problem is low maximum torque, the problems can be in: failed or decentralized rotor; tilt rotor bars above the specified; voltage below the nominal; Capacitor permanently below the specified.

When the electric motor is having problems in high current empty, it means that the problems are in: air gap above the specified; voltage above the specified; often below the specified; Wrong internal connection; decentralized rotor or dragging; defective bearings; covers with a lot of pressure or poorly fitted; magnetic plates without treatment; permanent capacitor outside the specified; Platinum / Centrifugal not open.